Just for Men

Just for Men

Guys, if you don’t know why you need a facial and are concerned about what is going to happen, please click on this GQ link. First of all, it’s really cool that it’s about a guy’s first experience in a spa and it happened at a neat little place down on Hilton Head Island. And, then, secondly, if it doesn’t entice you into making an appointment, well, then, I just don’t know what to say!

A Man’s Guide to Getting a Facial from GQ

The average Joe thinks that facials and spa services are only for the ladies.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  OK, maybe a l-o-o-o-o-ng time ago that may have been the case, but in these modern days more and more men are seeking the benefits that can only be found with a spa environment.  Professional skincare is best way to age well, without a doubt.  We can call it Gym Time for your face, if it makes you feel better.

Have you ever looked in the mirror and thought, “WHO is that and how did that person get in my mirror?”  No matter how much you wash your face and slither on moisturizer, the skin on your fickle face can go crazy with the bat of an eye.  When that happens, do you know what to do?  How about those fine lines and wrinkles? What about those spots that seem to appear overnight!  Have you developed an uneven color or not so smooth texture?  Do you know who knows how to address that?  A professionally trained and licensed Esthetician.

So WHAT is a facial?  Basically, it’s a “treatment” performed by a licensed professional designed to address the needs of the skin on your face.  However, listen to this – – – there is such a thing as a “Back-cial,” too, designed to address the needs of your skin on your back.  You can never reach that, can you?  We can and we do.  No bumpy, pimply backs are acceptable . . . ever.  After we get you in shape – just like your sports Coach or Trainer – We then become the Maintenance Professional for your skin.  Now in a perfect world, we would see you regularly ever 4 weeks.  If that can’t happen, plan to see us minimally every quarter – 4 times each year.  You can do that, can’t you?  Don’t be an AVERAGE JOE!


1)  It’s Power Washing for your Face.  EVERY facial starts off with a thorough and deep cleanse.  At Spa 131 we always use steamy, hot towels to open up your pores and soften the deep-down dirt and environmental debris.  You’ll think your facial is worth it just at this first step!

2)  Professional Facials remove blackheads the right way.  We’re not talking a Pore-Strip, tape or Elmer’s Glue here.  Extractions are necessary  to getting really clean.  Estheticians are trained to get out the blockaders, safely “pop” zits and getting any gunk out.  This is not like squeezing a pimple at home.  We like to actually minimize the opportunity for scarring and causing any dark spots. Your facial expert can actually reduce the appearance of pores, therefore giving you a smoother overall look to your skin.  Now hear this:  Extractions are the least fun part of a facial, but you’ll be so glad you had it done.  The rest of your treatment is like heaven

3)  Gotta exfoliate.   “What does that even mean?” you ask.  Exfoliation removes the dead skin cells that tend to build up giving your complexion a dull, tired look.  Unlike any home product, we like to use plant enzymes or chemical exfoliators. which break down the bonds between skin cells and remove them, revealing a healthier JOE – – – no more AVERAGE here.

4)  We teach you about your skin . . fun things . . . exciting things . . . like Age Management and looking great for a long long time.  You can think of us as a Car Mechanic checking your engine.  We teach you about the products you are currently using and are they actually the right ones for YOUR skin type.  Everyone is different that means there is no singular product designed to treat people.  What should you look for to achieve the goals you want?  We will help guide you to that.  Before we ever begin a treatment, we conduct a very thorough and detailed consultation to learn that skincare goals you might have in mind.  Duh.  Did you say, “Skincare GOALS?”  Even if you’ve never thought about it, you actually do know what bothers you and what you would like to change.  We will talk all about it!

5)  We have the TOOLS, Guys.  We use flashing lights and lots of fun stuff.   These are professional tools that you can’t buy at Target or Walmart.  We will walk you through everything as we go.  Refer to #4.  We want to educate you on these things so that you’ll learn to relax and trust us.  YOUR results are always first on our mind.

6)  Facials are total body-noodling relaxing!!!  Your service typically lasts about an hour and most guys wobble out of the treatment room and book their return visit.  Who doesn’t need some relaxing, let go of the world, screen-less, telephone-less, just-for-you time?


1)  While shaving is a method of exfoliation, it can make your skin more sensitive.  We recommend a no-shave face the day of your treatment.  Consider shaving the night before for best results

2)  There could be minimal side effects to a facial.  Depending on the shape of your skin before we start and what specific issues are are already dealing with, you MAY be a little red but will more than likely look fresher, smoother and more hydrated.  In the following days, though, you will become a believer!

3)  We understand your first-time fears and discomfort.  We will do everything in our power to make sure that your experience is pleasant AND beneficial.  Remember that facials are not like massages and can have a little discomfort during extractions, but that is over quickly.

Don’t be an Average Joe ever again!  Gentleman’s Facials are $110

*other hours may be available upon request