• Eye Treatment
    “Honey, pack your bags” specially formulated herbal blend of Green Tea, Rosemary & Chrysanthemum. PLUS cold stone therapy.
  • Hydrating Healing Hand Mask
    Add this heating treat to any service. Appropriate mask applied to help hydrate and plump leaving your hands looking younger immediately
  • Hydrating Healing Foot Mask
    Add this heating treat to any service. Appropriate mask applied to entire foot to hydrate callased and dry feet. You’ll LOVE this! Removed with warm, steamy towels to relax the soles and your soul!
  • LED Anti-Acne Therapy
    Blue LED delivers a highly effective dose of bacteria-eliminating blast. Safe and effective to cleanse, clear and prevent blemishes from surfacing.
  • LED Age Defying Light Therapy
    * Beneficial for treating wrinkles and fine lines * Tightening and firming skin * Clearing/Minimizing Blemishes & Redness * Anti-Agine * Reduces age spots/hyperpigmentation * Minimizes scars
  • Nap Time
    Take 10, 20, or 30 extra minutes after your relaxing massage or facial. You know you need the extra winks!
  • Parafin Wrap for Hands/Feet
    Soothing warmth and moisture delights your hands and feet. Add of to your facial or body treatment for extra pleasure.
  • Sit First and Relax Foot Soak
    Add on before ANY service. This private time allows for you to sit, relax, reflect and prepare for your next spa delight. If you’ve had a bad day, THIS is the perfect way to “gear down” and simply breathe. Hot foot soak with aromatherapy 10-15 mins
  • Sugar Lips
    Delightful exfoliating Lip Treatment – for plumped, smooth “kissy, kissy” lips